Its a funny thing trying to get your man to learn to put the toilet seat down, or pick up his dirty man panties, wear pants when the blinds are open or close the damn blinds. I’m sure you have a list of things that are apparently impossible to teach a male human to do. I say that because I once met a dog who could flush and close the toilet lid, it was a male, but it was also a canine.

Now that I’ve shared this with you, I want to tell you when it takes to teach an old (or young) man new tricks.


One week a month I exclusively wear my black panties. Obvious reasons apply. I’ve done this for years. I hate ruining my favorite pair of Victoria Secret expensive ass undies so I created a collection of cute black panties that are all period wear. I don’t think much about it, just switch to this color when the time comes.

I meet again and marry my hunk of burning love the handsome Captain Wentworth, neither of us spring chickens, slightly set in our ways. And some thing interesting happens after a few months of cohabitating…he learns what the black panties mean subsequently he stops trying to get amorous when he sees them.

This change didn’t occur to me for a while and then I realized that I could use this training to my advantage when I wasn’t in the mood or had a shit week at work and just wanted to go to bed.

I highly recommend purchasing at least one weeks worth of black panties and conducting this training in your household! As for pants or closing the blinds- I’ll circle back when I figure out how to conduct that training.