I recently heard a young friend of mine say something that I found disturbing. She was talking about who she wanted to date and stated “I’m only dating white boys from now on, they treat you better.” This of course freaked me out because I couldn’t see the correlation between being a particular color and having character. After all, I have only ever dated (or married) white men and we all know how well that’s turned out.

The thing I want you, my younger friends, to think about is a man’s character. That is what we should be checking out.

Who is the person you are dating

is he a good man?

is he real?






WELL READ?(okay, that’s one of my priorities and therefore optional)

So here is what I think the problem is… you are choosing  men based on looks. There I said it, now quit being shallow! And please stop  thinking that pretty on the outside means pretty on the inside. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

How about we try something new. Let watch what a prospective says and does and decide if you want to be with him based on that.  After all is said and done you will not want to end up with a man of low character—I know this from personal experience (having been married to a man we nicknamed satan for 15 years).

So when you see those warning signs along the road—

spends more getting ready in the AM then you do.

thinks CSI Miami is high art.

thinks priorities are about choosing which game to watch.

thinks morals are mushrooms.

—listen to your heart and run fucking screaming for the hills!

Stop telling me you are only going to date this or that. I can guaran-damn-tee you will not find Prince Charming with those priorities.

Alright now Grasshopper put on some hot FMP’s and go to the library, and remember that I love you!