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Forwarded from Madison Cawthorn
Biden/Harris Dictionary:

Rioters/Looters = Peaceful Protestors

Kids in Cages = Migrant Children in Overflow Facilities

Men Dominating Women’s Sports = Equality and Progress

Concentration Camps = Different Cultural Norms
Gotta love the bee!
Forwarded from Paul Joseph Watson
Lest we forget.
Forwarded from ALX🇺🇸
Ban voting machines

Ban mail-in ballots

Mandate signature audits for absentee ballots

Purge voter rolls of invalid registrations

Mandate voter ID

These are easy fixes that would restore integrity in our elections
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Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
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Tucker Carlson reacts to Biden's Syria strikes tonight:

"The defense industry, permanent DC, now have their man back in the white house, that didn't take long, for 4 years they longed, more than maybe anything, for more pointless conflict in the Middle East, and just 36 days in, now they have it."!
She'll circle back on this one....
DC Swamp Translation Guide for newbies:

$15 minimum wage = bomb Syria

$2000 COVID relief = send more troops into Iraq

No fracking ban = ban fracking

Create good jobs = destroy jobs

Criminal Justice Reform = open borders

Wear a mask = wear 2 masks