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Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
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Depopulation: "I Hope It Can Occur In a Civil Manner" - Club of Rome's Dennis Meadows

"If you want more liberty and more consumption, you have to have fewer people."

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NEW: Dr. Fauci says if Trump is reelected, he would not continue to serve as White House Chief Medical Advisor
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I missed this last week: "Jacob Blake has dropped his federal civil rights lawsuit against the Wisconsin police officer who shot him during a domestic disturbance and left him paralyzed from the waist down."
Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸 (Karli Bonne)
Weather control was never a conspiracy theory.

Many nations, including our own, have been doing this for years.

What could possibly go wrong?
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Brilliant perspective from Russell Brand on the impending WHO Pandemic Treaty, slated to strip every country of its autonomy, democracy and sovereignty with the stroke of a globalist’s pen. WATCH + SHARE to wake up more of our fellow humans!

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Let’s go to the Whitehouse for an update.
Forwarded from Dr. Simon
We have been warning about...

👉🏻 Vaccine mandates
👉🏻 Health passports
👉🏻 Perpetual lockdowns
👉🏻 Embedded journalism

... for more than two years, and we have been discredited as conspiracy theorists and pseudoscientists. All predictions became true.

Now we are warning about...

👉🏻 Digital IDs
👉🏻 CCP-style Social Credit System
👉🏻 CO2 passport/climate lockdowns
👉🏻 Food/Energy shortages
👉🏻 Abolition of cash
👉🏻 WHO pandemic treaty

... and we will still be called conspiracy theorists after those come true, too.

@Goddek | Minds | Bastyon | Gettr
Forwarded from Official Plandemic
This is URGENT and MUST be shared!

On May 22-28 in Geneva Switzerland, 194 countries intend to hand over their sovereignty to an unelected global body under the guise of protecting the public from future pandemics.

In reality this action will override individual sovereignty and national health freedoms guaranteed by constitutions, bills of rights, and charter of rights of all participating countries. 

Under the guise of arbitrary emergency public health measures, an attempt to secure global control is being made.

The Ministry of Health in America has preempted this action by mailing and publishing a letter on May 10, 2022 sent to Director General Tedros of the WHO, and many of the chief US delegates purported to be involved in the action. 

The letter denies consent of members and partners of the Ministry of Health and declares the action illegitimate. And any resulting action that breaches the private domain of the Ministry of Health or its partners is now the personal responsibility of all participants that ratifying the IHR at the 75th Annual World Health Assembly.  

The Ministry of Health has forever secured the space for every member and partner in the future to hold personally liable every person and entity responsible for this violation of personal sovereignty and privacy through the defilement of their public oath of office in carrying out the WHO attempt to subvert basic and inalienable health freedoms.

Call to action: 

- Make known the contents of the letter and the potential consequences for those ratifying the IHR in Geneva, May 22-28. If we can get enough open discussion before the event, it may derail the entire 75th World Health Assembly. 

- If the IHR is ratified, immediately sign and send in a Membership Application or Partner Request document so you have legal recourse against anyone involved in the events in Geneva. 

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Sen. Rand Paul: $500 Tax to Every American Income Taxpayer Would Pay for This

"By my calculation, each income tax payer in our country would need to pay $500 To support this $40 billion, which by some accounts is a down payment, and will need to be replenished in about four months."

Full Address:

Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸 (Karli Bonne)
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How passes domestic terrorism bill but doesn’t mention antifa or BLM