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After decades of propaganda about vaccines, a book refreshing in challenging a number of claims.
If you do nothing else, please read the one page review.
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"Did you know there has never been one completely randomized control trial done with ANY of the vaccines on the market to test for safety? Not one. So efficacy aside, there is literally NO science to back up the claim that any vaccine is safe for infants, small children, or adults.

Did you know that only a small handful of the current 'required' vaccines confer any kind of herd immunity?

Did you know that chronic conditions in children have EXPLODED in the last 60 years or so, since vaccines have been pushed on an unsuspecting public, with no honest attempt to explain or stop the explosion? "
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Architect Richard Gage on Why the Collapse of WTC Tower 7 on 9/11 is Highly Suspicious

"After witnesses hear explosions, this building drops like a rock straight down uniformly symmetrically into its own footprint in under 7 seconds. That's a free fall acceleration. That's as fast as a bowling ball falling out of the sky."


Full Video:

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Kid sees straight through the Disney wokeness of the little mermaid.
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99% of Americans have delayed food allergies…98% don’t even know it.

Episode 2
Taking Back Control of Your Life: Week 2 Food Allergies – Don’t Guess When You Can Know!

Listen in to what the harmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know and reclaim your health & freedom in this simple step.


Then Repeat

This is the key to health.

And in health you'll find freedom because you can't have one without the other.🔥

Aloha wau iā ʻoe

- Dr. H😊
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Ukraine is already the surrogate capital of the world with many gay americans using women there to have children. Even more disturbing are the reports now surfacing of live child organ harvesting that have been there from the start but more info now appearing. This was a BBC article from 2006.
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Incentivized to KILL: Prescribe Remdesivir, and We'll Give You a 20% Bonus

Dr. Paul Marik:
"We actually have a system where the hospital actually profits from patients being intubated, going on a ventilator, and dying."

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Forwarded from Dr. Simon
If there is someone who claims that masks are effective, show this graphic to that person.

Because the contrary is the case: masks harm those wearing them.