The last month have shown us the truth about the social media platforms we use and the free email services we’ve been addicted to for many years. These products, so prevalent and persuasive in our society, can be turned against us instantly.


It’s been said for years that “Google would one day rule the world” and that day has come.


Most people don’t realize that they have become nothing more than a commodity sold to advertisers. You are spied on everywhere you go by these Digital Overlords. You are tracked by your phone, your emails are read, your posts are archived and in the case of Facebook messenger every text, contact list and photo is added to the file they keep on you.  The foundation of our society is under attack from these tyrannical b@$&!@# trying to delete the first amendment, why would you ever give them one single cent in advertising revenue? We should not.

What is to be done about this dear reader?


Here are a few things that you can do and if enough people take some of these actions we can hurt these Digital Overlords where it hurts- in their wallets.

 Get off Facebook and Twitter- use Telegram, Gab or Clouthub (MeWe is questionable) delete these accounts after downloading your photos and posts

Stop using gmail and yahoo mail- move to proton mail – this is the hardest project so give your self a couple of months of duel use to get all of your contacts and subscriptions transferred.

Stop shopping on Amazon! Buy directly from manufacturers. Yes, I know it’s not as nice to wait a week when you can have it in two days, but easy does not mean better. Plus, you can go out and shop local…..just sayin’. 

This change is not an easy one, but tell me what other course do free people have? This is bordering on digital enslavement, get out and go to these Free Speech alternatives while you still can. Below we’ve included a how to delete Facebook video as a starting point. 


Feel free to discuss and help others out in the comments! This is a ton to untangle from, but if we help each other we can do it!