You know it’s been a bad week when these are going through your head:

Alone it’s a weapon but with a mitt and ball it’s a baseball bat, so be smart when you premeditate!

Is is considered going postal if you don’t work at the post office or is there another term?

The three martini lunch is making a comeback…pass it on!

What the hell was I thinking, fuck this career thing, I want to be a housewife!

Am I the only one here breathing oxygen? Wait, I’m the only female, so YES I am.

Standing up in a meeting and saying ” You, sir are a Fucktard!” in my best southern accent is a good idea, but should I do that before or after lunch?

What are you thinking when it’s a bitch to walk into the office?├é┬áPlease feel free to share your comments below, we need the giggles!