Why I write or don’t

I owe my regular readers, friends and family an apology. I have not written.  I am sorry to have disappointed those of you who look for my postings. I have to admit that I did not realize how many people looked forward to my musings and rants until I stopped writing. Thanks you for your notes, comments and calls.

Now, I have something to admit. I realized a few months ago that I did not want to work at making money with the Menopause Mafia and I felt like I should have been. I was feeling pressure to do more with this site and being told things like “You shouldn’t say that or use that kind of language.” With reasons like “You’ll alienate people” or  “That’s not professional” and my favorite “You won’t make any money with that kind of writing.” Hearing these things made me question what I was doing with the Mafia site and asking myself should I be writing? After all, I write what we talk about at the kitchen table- wasn’t that the point?

And then I realized what the problem was…

I had been running with the wrong kind of people. Bloggers, social media junkies, tweeters, so called life coaches and strategists. These folks talk about monetizing their content and ask you constantly how you’re networking and building up readership. They all seemed to talk a good game when it comes to helping others, but if you looked behind the curtain, well that’s another story. It took all the fun out of a site I had been enjoying.

No matter how many times I joke that Oprah will buy this URL from the Mafia one day…

So I took some time and thought about why I started this site and it brought me back to this one single point. I started this because I thought it would be fun. Not to make money. I write to entertain, even if I sometimes write to make a point for a certain person. Not to change the world. When I write I am myself, even under an alias. If you talked to me in person, if you met me at the grocery store or the library I would sound just the same. I would say Fucktard, accuse certain people of being un-dateable, and share my family’s recipes. Even more often after a few drinks.

Now, I will continue on with my original purpose…

I’m going to write and I will post but without the pressure of building an empire, fixing the world or becoming a self-help bullshit artist. Please feel free to call me on the carpet if I stray, start to take this too seriously or think that this is more than a fun little hobby.

Unless someone offers me a shit load of money for the URL, in which case I will write more since I will be retired!

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