If you know me at all there are two things you probably figured out pretty quickly. One, I have an addiction to shoes. Two, I have a tendency to be both stubborn and hopeful at the same time.

Now, lets combine these random traits with a trip to Nordstroms where I found a fabulous pair of red patent leather pumps named “Girlie” from my favorite designer Stuart Weisman. On sale for 75% off.

I couldn’t believe this was happening,  I had been dreaming about these shoes for quite some time!

There was just one problem, these shoes were a size 7. I wear a size 7 1/2.  I asked if there were any larger sizes, and after much searching by the wonderful sales staff, we were left with only one pair  in size 7.

I stare at the shoes- I squeeze my feet into both shoes- walk around in the shoes- they have me hurting in like two minutes. But they were so pretty and shiny and bright and hot! I decide I just have to have these shoes even if the fit is going to be a little snug. The staff wraps them up  and I’m on my way with every intention of wearing them all the time and forever, thinking of  course it will only take a few times wearing them before they stretch out and fit perfectly. Right?

That was five years ago. They have yet to make it to an event, dinner or even answering the door for a hot date.

I take these shoes out every now and again when I want to wear a seriously amazing shoe, put them on and end up taking them off before I can leave the house. Every. Single. Time.

I know they aren’t going to fit. I know I’ll never wear them in public. I know I shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. So, why to I keep them around? Why do I keep going back to them? Why to I keep trying to make this shoe fit?

Why do we continue to try to make a bad fit work?

Why do I love this particular pair of shoes?  Maybe it’s because I didn’t pay full price or the style, the color, the smart sharp heel.  It could be because they are so unique. I don’t know what is is exactly that draws me to this shoe but it’s never going to work. I feel like one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters trying to shove her great big man foot into a tiny little shoe.

I tried them on again recently and managed to hurt myself while walking in them and I hadn’t even gone that far! That was when I knew I had had enough. No reason to try to change the size of my foot to please a shoe.

I’m going to let some other Cinderella try them on for size. No reason to keep hurting myself after all. Maybe I can make someone else happy, or miserable, in the process (I think the problem was the shoes not me).