Why is it that men think shaking your parts is the way to get us interested?

We were recently sitting around shooting the shit when a dear friend told us about her boy friend meeting her at the door in his Man Panties or to be more specific boxers. He announced that he was all sweaty and was going to jump in the shower.  We all thought “Awwww, how cute. He was making an offer.” This makes a girl feel wanted, even if it’s a cheesy hit. What we didn’t realize was that our buddy didn’t get it, and when we say “it” we mean she didn’t know that he was offering a romp in the shower. So, she didn’t get “it” at all since she was hanging out on the couch while he was in the shower.

Who taught you about romance Larry Flynt?

When we discussed this situation and why she wouldn’t view this as an invitation to play soapy spank spank, our friend was appalled at the idea of getting her hair wet when she just walked in the door. What if they wanted to go out? Do something? She would be un-presentable. [insert rolling laughter here] We suggested a shower cap or sticking your head out of the curtain.

Try harder!

The thing that really makes us laugh about this story is the poor guy who thought that showing up sporting some ratty Man Panties- is a sure fire way to get our friend out of her clothes. Romance is dead if Man Panties and shower are the best you can do.