I love Charlaine Harris books, all of them even the ones without Eric Northman

I’m not so crazy about the HBO version of this authors books. I can live with the gratuitous sex, the bad acting and the cheesy sets. What I’m having a hard time with is the way HBO is screwing with the story.

I was waiting for Bubba, I know you where too

The line up of characters has changed.  No Bubba, Jessica has been added and we have yet to see Claude. I mean Tara is black, poor and this season she’s a lesbian. I guess it’s okay then that they left out J.B. du Rone. I have to admit that this change to the stories is one of my big pet peeves, well that and the time spend with all the other characters. I guess I just wanted them to be more true to the books.

Eric is still hot and the character we love (except for the foil wraps)

Even with the weird changes in the character line up it’s a fun watch most of the time. Defiantly not for the family since there are scenes that include gang rape, bondage and worse (thinking of the twisted neck on Lorena here).  This Sookie is a new person we haven’t met- after all how many times have you seen this one cleaning the house? The thing to know here for those of you who have not read the books is that this is not the same story or the same characters as Charlaine Harris wrote them. Reading them after watching the HBO series will be an unexpected treat.