I have unlimited texting. It’s a good thing too since I keep up with friends and what they are up to with this concise and sometimes spicy communication tool. Here is a recent chat I had with a friend that has me rethinking my exercise regime.

Me: What’s up?

WK: at park- going to run

Me: I don’t run unless someone is chasing me

WK:  that’s colorful even 4 u

Me: I’m a deep well

WK: It that’s the motivation you need I’m more than willing to chase you through woods

Me: Always willing to take one 4 team

WK: Do I get I catch you?

Me: Someday but not today

WK: patience is a virtue

If I’m looking svelte and smiley all of the sudden…you know I’ve been jogging. And yes, I do play with names to protect guilty.