It’s that time of the year—the official week to review your life— to be pissed about your dress size and vow to do something about it. I understand where you are coming from, I’m there too, but this year I’m going to do something a little different with my conclusions about 2009 and the changes I need to make.

Instead of going through the usual litany of shallow crap like I have in the past, I will be working on a few deeper changes.

In 2010 I will resolve to:

pray first, not as a last resort.

remember that most people are acquaintances not friends.

remember to be true to myself no matter how hard others are on me.

remember that loving someone does not mean: I agree with you automatically, that I’m going to ignore it when you’re wrong, or that I’m not allowed to refuse your requests.

remember to take out the trash* on a regular basis.

Let me know what you’ll be working on this year, the decisions to quit smoking (been there) to the career changes and the diets.  No matter what your New Years Assessment brings to light, share your resolution with your fellow mafiosos, lets all make a resolution to support each other.

*Last year my New Years resolution was to get rid of the shmucks that were destructive,  trouble or were just plain old users. I deleted them from my contact list, address book, email list, and changed my number. This year I will remind myself regularly to keep the trash on the curb, and continue to enjoy the people in my life who make it all worthwhile. I highly recommend doing this- especially for my single readers- if you have developed a contact list lousy with losers.