There’s a man who likes to chat with me in text messages when is long-time girlfriend isn’t looking. I use this occasional pastime to remind me that he is a man-whore (MH) and to sharpen my wit since you can only use 160 characters in a text message.

We had a conversation the other day that started off because I had sent him an email.

It went something like this…

MH: got your email, u thinking of me?

me: No, I was thinking of Ed McMahon but I didn’t have his email address- you where next on list

MH: You have a list w/Ed on it? or am I on Ed’s list?

me: my list and  you fall between Big Ed/ Bill Clinton (who I wldn’t  touch w/o gloves on)

MH: No! Say it ain’t so

me: Yes, snippit of list 4/u as proof

me:29.Bruce Lippert

me: 30. Genghis Khan

me: 31. Ed McMahon

me:32. MH

me: 33. Bill Clinton (You only rank above him because you are a republican)

MH: Khan is dead, RU into weird stuff now?

me: all list are theoretical, U miss point I think of Khan and Ed before you

MH: a rank of 32 is kind of sucky, you would think I come to mind before a dead guy

me: I think of you when I have pain in posterior, does that help?

MH: LOL! playing w/u is such good fun

me: yea, I’m a blast. Tell your girlfriend I said Hi!

FYI- If you chat with me now you might end up as fodder for the Menopause Mafia-in print.  Muuuuuaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!