The chocolate cake was taunting me tonight, calling me from a bar I love and being very charming about it too. There’s a double whammy, decadent chocolate cake,  alcohol and the perfect nonjudgmental environment to indulge in.  A little whiskey mixed with this particular cake recipe is a heady combination-it could keep me walking on clouds for days or at lease a few hours until the hangover hits and takes it’s substantial toll.

I have  a decision to make. Be a good girl and turn down the temptation? Or drive across town to have desert? I know I said I was waiting for the full dinner but this is so tempting. I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat in the fridge. I worked hard today I could use a little frivolity, a little treat, a little sugar!

Aarrrrgggghhhhh…..[beating forehead with phone] …….Oooowwwwww! Shit, that hurt!

There’s only one thing to do, two if I want to be really safe. First I’ll take the battery out of my phone and put it in the garbage disposal, then flip the switch.  Next I’ll take two Benadryl with a shot a Nyquil. That way if I do wake up and try to put the extra battery on the phone I’ll be to loopy too figure it out.

I live to flirt with disaster another day.  I might dream about chocolate cake….. that’s not fattening is it?