Something has happened to us in the last decade that is widening the divide we see in the U.S.A. The woke left is telling people that dressing up as a character or historical figure who is a different race than you are is “cultural appropriation”. They have even extended this to include fashion, language – pretty much any and everything they can- to bludgeon those they wish to demoralize.

We should look at the upside down thinking here and shake our heads.

We hear constantly from the “woke” that if you do this it’s disrespectful and you are a racist.

Everything looks like a nail when the only tool you have is a hammer. Racism is their hammer.

The social justice warriors among us perpetually use this kind of upside down logic. This is just a tool used to create more of a division. The discussion on why they actually want division not unity is for another place and time, we get to that soon. Don’t fall for this ploy.

Today we need to talk about empathy and imitation.

What makes a little kid want to be a particular character for Halloween? Empathy. The most innocent among us view the characters they watch in movies, see on TV or learn about in school and find something that inspires. They find bravery, courage, intelligence and discernment. A little one might not be able to voice those thoughts in a particularly eloquent fashion but they are there. When the feel that, they want to imitate those qualities that call to them regardless of what the person looks like. Being racist and putting everyone in to certain categories is a learned, it’s not something we’re born with.

Let’s take the year of Moana and Black Panther for example. There was a giant uproar of little white girls wearing the costume of an indigenous child or a white boy as the Black Panther.

[GASP] Why would these people allow their children to do such an ignorant thing? [finger pointing] [panic attack] [safe space] [coloring books and puppies]

Well my SJW woke friends, we’ll tell you why so many people allowed it. When a little one sees a character/person IRL who doesn’t look like them and has affection for that person…guess what? They learn to love everyone and not judge them by how they look. They want to know more about that person and where they came from. This leads to a so many questions. This leads to a million and one google searches on the back story, digging up every detail from the this person life. [true story from writers life] This leads to understanding and compassion. This can even lead to discussion of past wrongs and how they were set right. [Ruby Bridges searches, also happened in writers life] Thus ending divides.

Imitation is a good thing. Cultural appropriation is a made up thing meant to demean and divide. It is that simple.

If you want to actually have love between all people everywhere maybe you should start as home with your own children and help them emulate the best people. See how that sentence ended. Just the best role models. Period. Did it again. Not the best [insert any characteristic that has to do with nationality or physical trait] people.

We need to stop dividing people into tribes. It’s unhealthy for adults. It’s unhealthy for children. It’s unhealthy for the country. It’s unhealthy for the world and its future.