It’s ironic that when this website was started in 2009 the first post was a “how to” on Twitter. This being a site started as a place to practice basic HTML and having a funny name, I now look back and laugh at some of the stupid stuff posted. I’m leaving those things up, because none of us should take ourselves too seriously.

Skip forward to 2021 and we’ve jumped in full on communism overnight with Twitter right at the center. Facebook wasn’t far behind. I’ve said for many years that google would one day rule the world and the republic would fall with it. Welcome to 2021 where everyone (including lefties) are being canceled. After many in our circle deleted Facebook, twitter and instagram we were sharing info via text, which after a while just seemed inefficient and clunky. We needed something better, and if possible a place where we could invite others into a single place.

This brings us to Telegram and research. Telegram seems to be one of the few places left that doesn’t limit speech, where you can easily share contact and research. We have started a channel there for the Menopause Mafia that will include posts from this site and all of the relevant news of the day. Please consider joining us and sharing your thoughts on anything or everything.

Telegram works a little different than other social media. It’s more of a messaging app where you can text your contacts, but it also has channels that can have members. Start by using your contact list, then you can search by user name for people.

Here’s a place to start if you haven’t used it before.