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Forwarded from Qlypso Rosè
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@KarliQ 😧

Ye dropping more truth to the masses.🙏
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Photos and internal documents leaked by former employees of the Philadelphia-area plant which manufactures the plant-based meat substitute show what appear to be spills, unsafe use of equipment, and mold on walls and ingredient containers.
Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News

Flynn pointed to his own military experiences in his assessment, describing instances in which the U.S government had used information warfare against terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“One of the things that I do know about our government is our government’s ability to project, and our government’s ability to put together disinformation campaigns, psychological operations and psychological campaigns…”

“Information warfare is something our government gets involved in.”
“I raise this because… I really do believe that it [the QAnon movement] is some type of government campaign. Maybe it’s being done by … ultra-government organizations, you know, that are working on behalf of it.”

Discuss, as General Flynn has used the NCSWIC acronym hasn’t he?
Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸 (Karli Bonne)
Media is too big
WAPO: vaccinated people now make up the majority of Covid deaths
Forwarded from Dr. Simon
The publication “Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality“ published by Nature proves what I have been saying for years.

The authors showed that vitamin D3 was associated with a significant 33% decrease in mortality within 30-days of COVID-19 infection. The study also shows that people with a vitamin D3 bloodserum level of >40ng/mL do not have to fear anything.

Of course, this doesn’t only account for Covid but for any (respiratory) disease.

Dr. Simon @Goddek
Forwarded from Political Moonshine
FalseFlagFauci, Enterprise Fraud and China

On 05 Oct 21 in a 2-part series of articles I broke down the entire ICD-10 Coding Manual.

It was a literal identification and delineation of all of the fraudulent aspects of it and it's graphically represented in the articles.

Now, we have damning testimony from Fauci to stack on top.

Medical providers used the ICD-10 as a primary mechanism of enterprise fraud to harvest fraudulent infection and mortality data to create a "pandemic" out of thin air with fraudulent diagnostic codes.

This coding mechanism permitted medical providers to not only harvest COVID infection and mortality data, but it also created a money laundering operation with incentivized and received federal funds for doing so.

IT IS ALL FUNDAMENTALLY CRITICAL for several reasons respective to Anthony Fauci having formulated U.S. mitigations and lockdowns on China's model to which he has now testified; knowing that China was the beta-test as I have warned and repeated ad nauseam.

The exclusive and full body of Moonshine work is steeped in these evidenced facts:

1. The WHO is a Chinese proxy [follow the money!]

2. The CDC/NIH/NVSS/HHS/ et al aligned with and FOLLOWED the WHO in example and on the pandemic timeline [emergency and pandemic declarations.]

3. The Moonshine ICD-10 work establishes the direct overlays for U.S. and China policy - they are one in the same.

4. The work even extrapolated it down to China-owned Oregon Governor Kate Brown

5. The WHO exalted China as the pandemic exemplar for the U.S. and world.

Now we have Fauci's admission that U.S. mitigation and lockdown policy was based upon China's.

As I said from the very beginning, we're being transitioned to the CCP's brand of Marxist communism through medical tyranny, folks. It's that simple; and here's the documentary evidence.





Forwarded from Dr. Henry Ealy 🙂
Understanding 'Sticky' Blood

For thousands of years we've known that when the blood becomes too thick it's really bad for the heart.

So what makes blood too thick?

At a cellular level it's been known that too much sugar makes Red Blood Cells and Platelets 'stick' together. It's a process known as glycosolation.

The solution to this is very simple...cut down on refined sugar and use Intermittent Fasting to ensure you're hungry before you eat.

So what's new?

Spike Protein manufactured from the cells of the injected and genetically modified.

Now remember that just getting shot by Pfizer or Fauci & Friends' Moderna doesn't mean the person has been genetically modified despite alarmist perspectives that offer all doom and so little hope.

But if you haven't been right since you got shot or if you're MTHFr positive, then there is a good chance you have been GMO'd. So here's something to consider...

Spike protein appears to cause 'sticky' blood as well as sugar.

The result is an increase in blood viscosity(thickness) that makes your heart work overtime.

So how does one 'unstick' their blood?

Here are 5 ideas:

Hyperoxygenation via hyperbaric oxygen tanks or simple breathing meditation.😌

Intermittent Fasting with Morning Tea (No Sweeteners)😇

Vitamin E, something as much as 84% of Americans are deficient in according to the CDC.🤕

Chlorella, a GREAT source of chlorophyll for health Red Blood Cells and with a net effect Alkalizing effect to boot!🥰

Proteolytic Enzymes taken away from food so they can help break up the sticky party.😲

Bonus...Cleansing as seen in the video.

Natural Medicine has so much to offer in this hour of need. Check it out...there's a LOT more science behind it than there is for these harmaceutical death bullets.🤫

Aloha wau iā ʻoe🔥

- Dr. H😊
Forwarded from Russian MFA 🇷🇺
#Opinion by Russian MFA Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

💬 What kind of Nazis are they?! (rephrased from the Western media mantra There are no Nazis in Ukraine)

Canada legalised physician-assisted suicides in 2016. The number of people who wish to be euthanised has been growing annually. In all probability, Canada will reach 50,000 such deaths a year – an achievement worthy of a country that took care, gave refuge to the surviving Nazi scum.

I will remind you that the Third Reich with its Aktion T4 programme (Tiergartenstraße-4) was the first state to introduce euthanasia on a mass scale. Apart from racial prejudice, the Nazis proceeded from economic considerations. It was expensive to pay for people requiring treatment. This was a tax burden. According to a document found in the Hartheim Euthanasia Centre in Nazi Germany, 70,273 people were killed under the Tiergartenstraße-4 programme by September 1, 1941. An unknown Nazi clerk noted with chilling pragmatism: “Considering that these patients could live for another 10 years, this is a saving of 885,439,800 Reichsmarks in total.”

Is the motivation of neoliberal Ottawa different from that of the Reich? Judge for yourselves.

According to a recent study by Daily Mail, an increasing number of people resort to euthanasia not because they are suffering from an incurable disease but because they are simply homeless (whose upkeep is a burden for the state) or people with diabetes. Last year, physicians approved a suicide of a young man with diabetes simply because he asked them. Later on, the commission dismissed their decision as unfounded.

Considering that the suicide rate is growing, journalists already believe that Canada is the easiest place in the world for parting with life with the help of doctors. This is how the Spectator puts it in its article “Why is Canada euthanising the poor?”: “Since last year, Canadian law, in all its majesty, has allowed both the rich as well as the poor to kill themselves if they are too poor to continue living with dignity. In fact, the ever-generous Canadian state will even pay for their deaths. What it will not do is spend money to allow them to live instead of killing themselves.”

The abhorrent Nazi interpretation of eugenics was reincarnated in neoliberalism and received an official seal of approval in Canadian law. This is what all the progressives are appealing for today.

I’d like to recall a sentence from the Hippocratic Oath: “Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.